Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook

Business over the web is thriving these days. As a matter of fact, practically every company or even the typical businessman is building their own website to promote products or offer services. Online businesses thrive because majority of consumers today opt to do their shopping in the internet where there are basically more options and choices.

Now if you are one of those who wants to succeed in your business online, what you need are the right tools in internet marketing. While the term alone is vague and big enough to discuss here, it's actually a no brainer to include the most popular social networking site, Facebook as your greatest weapon in establishing a popular niche online. So here are the answers to the question: why advertise on Facebook?

It's the Most Popular Website

Aside from Google of course, Facebook is the most popular website online. Popularity in such magnitude means there are exactly 250 million unique visitors every month. Hence, you will likely get noticed in the site than any other websites out there considering that more people are likely going to see your page. And when people get to stumble upon your page, there's a greater chance of exposure for your advertisements as well.

Targeted Advertising

One particular feature ideal for online advertisers and marketers found in Facebook is called targeted advertising. With it, you can target and focus on a specific group of individuals to market your products or services. The parameters may include age, personal interest, gender, keyword, and others.

Better Chance at Customer Loyalty

Another good reason on why advertise on Facebook is the fact that you will have a good chance of increasing customer loyalty by creating fan pages. There are currently millions of online businesses today that have resorted to creating fan pages where users can freely join. With these pages, you are able to communicate and correspond with potential customers and in the process, build a bond with them.

Special Promotions

Aside from creating fan pages, another great benefit of using Facebook as an internet marketing tool is that you get to build special promotions as well. In order to do this, you must first create a fan page, which in turn can be used as the platform for promoting new product or perhaps unveiling advertisement campaigns. Special promotions also include daily updates on the products and services you are offering.

Facebook Advertising is Inexpensive

Furthermore, Facebook is originally intended for social networking - being able to socialize with other people over the web. Hence, it's not a profit oriented website since there are no signup and registration costs and fees. Accordingly, the targeted nature of its advertising prowess enables your online business campaign to reach a specific market with almost no cost. The affordable price allows for a range of packages depending primarily on your budget.


So why advertise on Facebook? If those reasons aren't enough, you can actually get more when you read forums and blogs online. Facebook is a beast when it comes to gathering people and you ought to use the same in the hope of building a successful business online.

Victoria Murphy is a Facebook Marketing expert who have gained success in her online business through years of research on advertising on Facebook. Her passion has led her to success and she's always willing to teach us the secrets why advertise on Facebook.

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